Tile sales and installation

Tile sales and installation

In NZ, demand for tiles is on the increase. With this knowledge we have to cater for the demands of the discerning Consumer. We are focused on challenging the rest of the market by providing the latest colours, designs & options in tiles.

Not all tiles are equal when it comes to quality. Tile manufacturing technology has improved immensely in recent years giving us the ability to provide quality & design at very competitive rates for both mainstream & high end levels of the market.

Our range is inspired by International trends, giving the ability to create atmospheres that suit your personal surrounds. We colour block in shades so you can get to your colour requirement quicker in the selection process.

We have all the options with colour, from Earthy tones, classic Black, white & terracotta, Textured & metallic to the splash of colours for your detail areas such as splash backs and vanity areas. Trends are showing that the larger tiles are the most popular, 300x600 & 600x600 owning the higher share of sales. Our tiles provide 3 sizes minimum for all floor tiles from; 300x300, 300x600 to 600x600.

We have Indoor tiles for every situation i.e. Kitchen, dining, bathroom & laundry and outdoor tiles for areas such as decks, entry & paths. From the minimalist to flamboyant style, from Natural look to Glamour and Traditionalist to futuristic….. We can provide the tile for you.

We also have every finish for every environment, including Matt, Polished, Structured (for outdoor anti slip) & Lappato (semi polished)

We just don’t sell tiles but we can install them as well with our lifetime guarantee on quality workmanship.